Bulbophyllum crassipes


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Bulbophyllum crassipes

Quantity: 1 Set = 3-4 Bulb is cutting growing on moss

Bulbophyllum crassipes Bulbophyllum crassipes

Bulbophyllum crassipes might not be the most flamboyant orchid, but its subtle charm and intriguing features make it a rewarding addition to any collection. With proper care, you can enjoy its unique blooms and witness the wonders of specialized adaptations in the natural world.

  • Temperature: Warm – Cool temperatures, ranging from 50-70°F, are essential.
  • Humidity: High humidity, around 70-80%, is crucial for healthy growth.
  • Light: Partial shade is ideal, mimicking its natural forest habitat.
  • Watering: Regular watering is necessary but avoid overwatering. Allow the potting mix to dry slightly between waterings.




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