Phalaenopsis equestris


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Phalaenopsis equestris 

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Phalaenopsis equestris plant information

Flower Size: Delicate blossoms measuring between 0.6 to 1.2 inches (1.5 to 3 cm)

Habitat: Found in regions from the Philippines to southern Taiwan, Phalaenopsis equestris finds its home near streams in the warmth of valleys, thriving at altitudes from sea level to 300 meters.

Size: Compact-Small, with 5 fleshy, curved leaves

Blooms: All year, most from September to April

Appearance: Long stem with lots of small flowers

Special: Makes new plants and reblooms from old spikes

Easy to Grow:Phalaenopsis equestris is a resilient orchid that adapts well to various environments. Its easygoing nature makes it a joy to cultivate. Providing slightly drier conditions during winter, while ensuring it never dries out entirely, is key to maintaining its health.


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