Dendrobium scabrilingue (Medium Size)


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Dendrobium scabrilingue Medium size

Quantity: 1 Plant Blooming size

Pot size – inch tied to wood. 

Dendrobium scabrilingue (Medium Size) Dendrobium scabrilingue

Dendrobium scabrilingue holds cultural significance in various traditions, symbolizing love, beauty, and refinement. So, bring a piece of nature’s elegance and cultural richness into your life with this captivating orchid.

Feature Description
Origin Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand
Flower Colors White, yellow, green, pink, purple (with intricate markings)
Flower Size Miniature (up to 12 inches tall)
Blooming Season Year-round, with peak in spring and summer
Fragrance Faint, sweet
Growth Habit Epiphytic (grows on trees and branches)
Care Difficulty Relatively easy
Light Bright, indirect
Temperature Warm (60-85°F / 15-29°C)
Watering Moderate, let dry slightly between waterings
Potting Mix Well-draining orchid mix
Fertilizer Balanced orchid fertilizer (occasional)
Cultural Significance Symbolizes love, beauty, and refinement in various traditions

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Liuzhan Yang
Dendrobium orchid plants

I have ordered dendrobium orchid plants three times recently. I had hesitation to put an order at the first time because it was an international shipping. So I just ordered two orchids for try. I was surprised when I got the package because it was delivered so quickly (only ten days for international shipping), and orchids were in very good condition! Then I put an order second order, third order. Definitely I will order more rare orchids from you later and will recommend your business to my friends. Thank you very much!