Dimorphorchis lowii


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Dimorphorchis lowii

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Dimorphorchis lowii is a special and kind of rare orchid from the jungles of Borneo. Let’s take a close look at what makes it special and what it needs:

Dimorphorchis lowii hightlight:

  • Two-tone color orchid: This orchid stands out because it grows two kinds of flowers on one stem. The top ones are usually bright yellow with red spots, while the lower ones are a deeper red. This mix of colors makes it really unique.
  • Growth: this Dimorphorchis lowii will grows on a single, long stem. It looks really elegant as it grows down.
  • Fragrance: It gives off a lovely, spicy smell, especially in the evenings. This smell helps attract night-flying bugs like moths and makes people who love orchids happy with a nice scent.

Dimorphorchis lowii This orchid species is quite rare and can be pricey. It’s not easy to come by and is usually sold by special orchid shops. It might take a few years before it grows enough to start blooming. But if you want more of it, it’s somewhat simple to make more by splitting it or growing keikis. However, watch out for mealybugs and fungus because this orchid can easily get sick. Keeping a close eye on it and giving it proper care is super important.

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