Dendrobium Gatton Sunray 3Lip


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Dendrobium Gatton Sunray 3Lip

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This exceptional variation is the result of crossing the Dendrobium pulchellum x Dendrobium Illustre

Dating back to 1919, this extraordinary Dendrobium hybrid was brought to life and christened by none other than Sir Jeremiah Colman, the visionary behind the renowned Colman’s mustard brand that graces England to this day. A man of both culinary and botanical genius, Sir Jeremiah Colman’s legacy lives on through his impeccable creations. He was fondly known for saying, “I make my money by what people leave on the side of the plate,” a testament to his exceptional taste and innovation.

His passion for orchids led him to pen a valuable book on orchid hybridizing, and his legacy includes the inception of numerous extraordinary hybrids. The Dendrobium Gatton Sunray 3lip stands as a living testament to his horticultural prowess.

This commanding orchid species exudes an undeniable presence, standing tall at approximately 2.5 feet. Each of our offerings is a division meticulously propagated from the original plant, ensuring its genetic authenticity and exceptional quality.

The Dendrobium Gatton Sunray has garnered an impressive array of accolades, with no less than 20 awards attributed to this exceptional hybrid. Its rarity, coupled with its rich heritage and stunning visual appeal, make it a prized addition to any orchid enthusiast’s collection.

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