Laelia sincorana


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Laelia sincorana

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Laelia sincorana is a pretty rare orchid from Brazil. It likes warm and not-too-bright light and soil that drains well. In spring and summer, it gets covered in lovely, star-shaped, good-smelling flowers. Laelia sincorana is kinda easy to handle, whether you’re a newbie or a pro at orchids.

People like Laelia sincorana because it’s not too tricky to take care of, and it usually flowers on schedule. It likes bright, but not too direct, sunlight and soil that drains well. During the growing season, you should give it a drink on a regular basis, but let it dry out in between. Throw some balanced fertilizer at it once a month while it’s growing.

If you want more Laelia sincorana, you can make more by either cutting it up or planting some seeds. Cutting is the easiest and is best done in the spring when the plant is really active. Just yank it out of the pot and carefully separate the pseudobulbs. Each one should have at least one root. Stick them in their own pots and water them good.

Laelia sincorana is a nice orchid that’s not too hard to handle, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at this for a while. Give it what it likes, and it’ll stick around to make you happy for a good long while.

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