Dendrobium trantuanii

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Dendrobium trantuanii

Quantity: 1 Plant Blooming size This species is miniature orchid, pot size 1″


Dendrobium trantuanii sib orchid

Information about Dendrobium trantuanii

Dendrobium trantuanii Size and Appearance:

Dendrobium trantuanii is a charming miniature-sized orchid found in the dry, leafy forests of northwestern Vietnam. Its flowers, measuring between 1 3/4 to 2 inches (4 to 5 cm), bring delicate beauty to its surroundings.

Dendrobium trantuanii Habitat:

This orchid thrives at altitudes of 800 to 1000 meters. It makes its home as a warm-growing epiphyte, meaning it grows on other plants, particularly in the cozy nooks of trees. Its growth pattern includes flat and compact pseudobulbs, which are like storage units for the plant. These pseudobulbs have 4 to 12 sections, called internodes, and they’re wrapped at the bottom with protective, papery coverings.

Dendrobium trantuanii Leaves and Blooms:

Dendrobium trantuanii boasts elegant leaves that are shaped like oblong rectangles, with slightly pointed tips. They start wide and gently narrow towards the base. This lovely orchid shows off its flowers in the springtime. The blooms emerge from the sides of leafless pseudobulbs, giving a unique touch to its appearance.

Dendrobium trantuanii Flower:

The orchid’s slender, green stems, known as inflorescences, bear 1 to 3 flowers each, with a length of about 0.08 to 0.32 inches (2 to 8 mm). These stems grow from the sides of the plant’s pseudobulbs. The floral bracts, which are like protective coverings for the flowers, have a rounded and broad base, ending in a pointed tip. The flowers themselves are impressive – they’re big, thick, and shiny, like they’ve been coated with wax. When they open up, their wide shape is truly eye-catching.

Summary: Dendrobium trantuanii is a captivating orchid that brings a touch of elegance to its native habitat in Vietnam. Its petite size, unique growth pattern, and attractive flowers make it a delightful addition to any orchid enthusiast’s collection.

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