Dendrochilum formosanum


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Dendrochilum formosanum

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Dendrochilum formosanum Dendrochilum formosanum

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Dendrochilum formosanum is a miniature, epiphytic orchid native to Taiwan. It has small, round pseudobulbs that grow close together and bear thin, grass-like leaves. The flowers are small and yellow, and they are borne on long, pendulous spikes.

Size Miniature, up to 8 inches tall when in bloom
Leaves Narrow, grass-like, green leaves (may have purple tinges)
Flowers Golden yellow flowers with reddish-brown lip, on long, hanging spikes
Bloom time Winter and spring
Light Moderate to bright, indirect light
Water Keep evenly moist, not soggy
Humidity High humidity preferred (at least 60%)
Temperature Warm to cool (65-80°F)
Potting Well-draining mix (bark or coconut husk chips)

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