Dendrobium densiflorum


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Dendrobium densiflorum

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Size: Near Blooming size , 2-4” pot size

Dendrobium densiflorum Dendrobium densiflorum

Information about Dendrobium densiflorum

Flower Size: 2″ (5 cm)

Originating from the regions of Assam, Bangladesh, eastern Himalayas, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Tibet, Hainan, and southern China, Dendrobium densiflorum is a captivating orchid species. It thrives as a small to medium-sized epiphyte or occasional lithophyte, often found on moss-covered trunks or branches of trees at altitudes ranging from 1100 to 1830 meters.

This orchid showcases erect, tufted stems that are 7 to 12 noded, with an obscurely 4-angled, fusiform, or clavate shape, measuring around 12″ (30 cm) in length. Each stem node is partially covered by a delicate white sheath. The plant bears 3 to 5 elliptic or ovate, persistent, and acute leaves that are concentrated towards the apex.

Dendrobium densiflorum comes to life from late winter through spring, adorning itself with pendant, densely flowered racemes. These racemes, about 8″ (20 cm) in length, feature exquisite, short-lived flowers that emit a delightful honey scent. The flowers emerge from nodes located at or near the apex of the pseudobulb.

Caring for this species demands a distinctive dry rest period during the winter months, during which watering and fertilization should be withheld. As new growth emerges in the spring, you can resume regular care to support its development.

Experience the unique charm of Dendrobium densiflorum, a captivating orchid that graces its surroundings with its alluring presence during the blooming seasons.

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