Dendrobium delacourii


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Dendrobium delacourii

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Dendrobium delacourii

Dendrobium delacourii is a captivating miniature orchid species native to Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar. It thrives in deciduous forests, often basking in full sunlight at elevations ranging from 800 to 1300 meters.

Feature Detail
Family Orchidaceae
Origin Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar
Habit Epiphyte (grows on trees)
Size Miniature – mature flowering plant reaches up to 10cm tall
Pseudobulbs Club-shaped, 3cm tall, clustered, with 5-6 nodes
Leaves Pale green, narrowly oblong, 7-9cm long, 1.5cm wide
Flowers Up to 15 per stalk, 2cm wide, borne on erect raceme arising from new pseudobulbs
Flower Color Greenish-yellow sepals and petals, yellow lip with brown markings
Bloom Time April – June
Light Bright light, tolerates full sun
Water Moist; water 3-5 times a week, allowing to dry slightly between waterings
Growing Medium Mounts or small pots
Additional Notes Flowers last several weeks

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