Bulbophyllum ovatum “Normal Size”


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Bulbophyllum ovatum

This Plants have about 10 Bulb

Quantity: 1 Plant This is Miniature Orchid

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Bulbophyllum ovatum is a captivating orchid species that offers a unique combination of miniature size, charming appearance, and delightful fragrance. While it requires specific care conditions, for orchid enthusiasts seeking a rare and rewarding addition to their collection, this little gem is definitely worth considering.

More formation about Bulbophyllum ovatum

Sweet fragrance: The flowers of Bulbophyllum ovatum  fragrance
Relatively rare: This orchid species is not as readily available as some other Bulbophyllum varieties, making it a sought-after addition for orchid collectors.
Blooming season: The flowering season typically occurs in the spring and summer months.

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