Dendrobium farmeri var.alba


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Dendrobium farmeri Var.alba 

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Dendrobium farmeri Var. alba, also known as the Dendrobium farmeri petaloid album, is a stunning orchid variety prized for its pure white blooms. It’s a variation of the Dendrobium farmeri species, known for its petaloid labellum 

Dendrobium farmeri Var. alba Dendrobium farmeri Var. alba

Dendrobium farmeri Var. alba Care Guide

Feature Description
Flowers 2-inch blooms with all sepals, petals, and lip in pristine white. Possible yellow center on lip from anther cap.
Fragrance Yes
Blooming Season Spring-Summer (March-July)
Habit Pendulous (drooping stems). Flowers emerge from top nodes of mature stems.
Light Filtered light. Avoid direct sunlight.
Water & Fertilizer Medium watering and fertilization. Reduce watering in cooler temperatures.
Air Circulation Good air circulation is essential.
Potting Media Sphagnum moss is a common choice.

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