Dendrobium Chanthaboon Sunrise “4N”


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Dendrobium Chanthaboon Sunrise 4N

Large and beautiful flower selection parent 

Primary hybrid between (Dendrobium lamyaiae × Dendrobium friedericksianum) 

Quantity: 1 Plant

Size: Blooming Size, 4” pot size Blooming size this is compact size (I will be packing with sphagnum moss)

Information about Dendrobium Chanthaboon Sunrise

dendrobium chanthaboon sunrise Dendrobium lamyaiae × Dendrobium friedericksianum
dendrobium chanthaboon sunrise

Orchid informationDendrobium Chanthaboon sunrise

  • Hybrid: Dendrobium lamyaiae × Dendrobium friedericksianum
  • Blooming Season: Start bloom from February (Spring)
  • Flower Color: Orange
  • Flower Size: 2 to 4 waxy flowers per node
  • Plant Size: Blooming size, typically with 2-4 pseudobulbs
  • Leaf Type: Deciduous
  • Growth Habit: Cane-forming
  • Fragrance: Mildly fragrant


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