Cleisostoma arietinum (Big size)


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Cleisostoma arietinum

Quanity: 1 plant, big size Blooming size

I will remove from wood and packing with sphagnums moss this is exotic orchid 

Cleisostoma arietinumCleisostoma arietinum

Cleisostoma arietinum is a miniature orchid species found in Southeast Asia, from India to Malaysia. It’s an epiphyte, meaning it grows on other plants in the wild.

This orchid is known for its tiny, delicate flowers that can be whitish pink or whitish purple, and only about 6 millimeters big. The leaves are small and scale-like, growing on both sides of the stem.

Cleisostoma arietinum prefers warm to hot temperatures and high humidity. It’s considered an intermediate care orchid for hobbyists.

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