Smitinandia micrantha

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Smitinandia micrantha

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Size: Blooming size we will packing with 1″ pot

Care & How about Smitinandia micrantha

Smitinandia micrantha is a relatively easy orchid to grow for both beginners and experienced orchid enthusiasts. It thrives in warm, humid conditions with moderate, indirect light. Regular watering and fertilization during the growing season are essential, but be sure to avoid overwatering. Additionally, providing support for its gracefully cascading stems is recommended.

Feature Description
Scientific Name Smitinandia micrantha (Lindl.) Holttum 1969
Catalogues Smitinandia / Other orchid
Family Orchidaceae
Type Epiphytic Orchid
Origin Southeast Asia, Himalayas
Growth Habit Elongated, branching, and pendulous
Leaves Linear, axillary, apically bilobed, 7-12 cm long
Flowers Small (1-2 cm), pink or white, fragrant
Inflorescence Lateral, simple, 7-17 cm long
Flowering Time Summer to winter
Growing Conditions Intermediate to warm temperatures, intermediate light
Care Easy to grow
Available Forms Plants with and without flowers
Uses Ornamental plant, hobbyist orchid

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