Adenoncos parviflora


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Adenoncos parviflora

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Size: Blooming size in 1″ pot size is miniature orchid and very fragrant

Adenoncos parviflora is a type of orchid found in various regions including Thailand, Myanmar, peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, and Sumatra. It thrives in diverse habitats such as podosol, mixed dipterocarp, lower montane, and hill forests. This orchid is classified as a miniature to small-sized plant and typically grows in temperatures ranging from hot to cool.

Adenoncos parviflora is an epiphytic orchid with distinctive features. Its leaves are unusually fleshy, and curved, and have grooves on the upper side. These leaves are cylindrical and look similar to round rods. During the winter season, this orchid produces flowers on very short stems that emerge from the base of its leaves. The flowering stems are often found in groups of up to three from a single node. Each stem can bear one to two fleshy flowers.

In summary, Adenoncos parviflora is a remarkable orchid species that adapts to a range of environments and showcases unique characteristics in its leaves and flowering pattern.

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