Bulbophyllum polliculosum (Update)

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Bulbophyllum polliculosum

Quantity: 1 Plant Blooming size Bigger (New update 2024)

Pot size:  7-10+ Bulb. we ship with plastic pad or bare root packing with sphagnum moss

bulbophyllum polliculosum for sale


Bulbophyllum polliculosum information

Bulbophyllum polliculosum is an orchid species known for its fascinating appearance and unique characteristics. This plant is available in a blooming size. The pot size is typically 4-6 bulbs.

When you receive your Bulbophyllum polliculosum, it will be shipped to you with either a plastic pad or bare root packing with sphagnum moss. This ensures that the plant remains healthy during transit and is ready to be potted upon arrival.

Bulbophyllum Polliculosum
Bulbophyllum Polliculosum

Bulbophyllum polliculosum Care Tips

Bulbophyllum polliculosum is a relatively easy plant to care for, making it an excellent choice for beginners. It prefers bright, indirect light and a humid environment. It can be watered once or twice a week, depending on the climate and season, and should be fertilized every two weeks during the growing season.

With its unique appearance and easy-to-care-for nature, Bulbophyllum polliculosum is an excellent addition to any orchid collection.


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