Trigonidium egertonianum


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Trigonidium egertonianum

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Trigonidium egertonianum, also sometimes referred to as Maxillaria egertoniana, is a captivating orchid species native to the regions of Central and South America. This epiphytic beauty thrives perched on trees and other structures, showcasing its splendor in the warm to intermediate temperature zones.

Care and Cultivation

If you’re tertarik ( tertarik is Thai for “interested” in this context) in cultivating this orchid, here are some key points to consider:

  • Light: This orchid prefers semi-shade, so avoid placing it in direct sunlight for extended periods.
  • Water: Provide moderate watering, ensuring the potting medium doesn’t become soggy.
  • Temperature: Aim for warm to intermediate temperatures, ideally between a minimum of 15.5 degrees Celsius (60°F) and a maximum of 32.2 degrees Celsius (90°F).

Blooming Habit

One of the delightful aspects of the Trigonidium egertonianum is its frequent flowering. Unlike some orchids that have a specific blooming season, this species can grace you with its blooms throughout the year, making it a reliable source of beauty in your collection.

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