Platycerium Neptune Hybrid


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Platycerium Neptune (Hybrid)

Platycerium elephantotis x Platycerium stemaria.

Platycerium Neptune Overview

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Platycerium Neptune is a remarkable staghorn fern hybrid that is a cross between Platycerium elephantotis and Platycerium stemaria. This unique plant inherits the best qualities of both its parents, showcasing the impressive shield fronds of Platycerium elephantotis and the distinctive forked fertile fronds of Platycerium stemaria.

Platycerium Neptune Product Specifications

  • Plant Type: Staghorn Fern Hybrid
  • Scientific Name: Platycerium Neptune
  • Parentage: Platycerium elephantotis x Platycerium stemaria
  • Size: Large, with fronds reaching up to 2 feet in length
  • Light Requirements: Bright, indirect light
  • Watering Requirements: Keep potting mix consistently moist
  • Fertilization: Regular fertilization during the growing season
  • Display Options: Mounted on wood or cork, or hanging basket
  • Care Level: Easy

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