Coelogyne pendurata


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Coelogyne pendurata


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Dendrobium pendurata


Coelogyne pandurata: The Black-Lipped Orchid

The Coelogyne pandurata, also known as the Black-lipped Orchid, is a stunning orchid species native to Southeast Asia, specifically Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra, and the Philippines. Here’s some information to help you get to know this beauty:

Origin and Description:

  • First described in 1853.
  • Grows as a climbing or creeping epiphyte (grows on trees) or lithophyte (grows on rocks) in the wild.
  • Features green, flattened pseudobulbs spaced along a thick rhizome.
  • Has 2 apical, plicate (folded) leaves that emerge from the top of the pseudobulbs.


  • Blooms in late spring or summer from new growths.
  • Produces up to 15 fragrant flowers on a terminal, arching to pendant inflorescence (flower stalk).
  • Individual flowers are large (3-4 inches wide) with a long, striking, black-marked lip and greenish sepals and petals.
  • The fragrance is often described as honey-like or sweet.

Dendrobium pendurata

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