Coelogyne schilleriana


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Coelogyne schilleriana

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Coelogyne schilleriana is a unique orchid species found in Thailand and Myanmar, thriving in valleys and on ridges at elevations ranging from 200 to 1200 meters. It is a miniature to small-sized orchid that prefers hot to cool growing conditions, making it adaptable to various environments.

During the winter season, Coelogyne schilleriana may shed its leaves, which is a normal part of its growth cycle. To ensure its well-being, provide bright light during the winter and good shade in the summer, avoiding direct sunlight.

When it comes to watering, it is best to water this orchid every 2-3 days, and possibly more often during the summer months to keep it adequately hydrated. From May to September, consider fertilizing with a low concentration solution every second watering to support healthy growth and blooming.

The plants we offer are at flowering size, meaning they are mature and ready to showcase their beautiful blooms. Embrace the charm of Coelogyne schilleriana in your collection and enjoy its unique characteristics and delightful flowers!


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