Ionopsis Utricularioides


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Ionopsis utricularioides

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Ionopsis utricularioides, also known as the delicate violet orchid, is a captivating epiphyte native to a surprisingly wide range of habitats in the Americas.

Growth Habit:

  • Size: This orchid falls on the small to medium side, reaching up to 15cm in height with flowering stems that can extend an impressive 50cm.
  • Leaves: Its foliage consists of greenish-yellow, single leaves emerging from each pseudobulb, accompanied by 2-3 longer, linear or lanceolate leaves that clasp the base.


  • Season: Look forward to a vibrant display in spring and summer, as the Ionopsis utricularioides produces sprays of numerous delicate flowers.
  • Flowers: Each flower measures around 1.5 to 2 cm and boasts a charming range of colors, from white and pink to lavender and deep purple.

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