Dendrobium primulinum


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Dendrobium primulinum

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Dendrobium primulinum

Dendrobium primulinum, also known as the Primrose Yellow Dendrobium or Ueang Sai Nam Phung Laos in Thai, is a captivating orchid species native to Southeast Asia. This beauty thrives in regions like Assam, the Himalayas, Nepal, Andaman Islands, Myanmar, Thailand, China, and Vietnam.

Aspect Description
Temperature Warm to intermediate temperatures (60°F – 90°F)
Light Medium light
Watering (Growing Season) Moist, but not soggy. Allow drying slightly between waterings.
Watering (Winter) Cooler and drier to induce flowering. Reduce watering frequency.
Potting Sphagnum moss (provides excellent drainage and aeration)

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