Dendrobium pendulum (Small)


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Dendrobium pendulum

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Plant information

Dendrobium pendulum is a plant found in various locations such as Hainan and Tibet China, Assam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. It can grow as a small to large-sized epiphyte or lithophyte in open forests, at elevations ranging from 760 to 1600 meters. The plant has tufted masses, decurved or pendulous stems with 7 to 16 nodes that are swollen at each node and sulcate, with dull olive-green color. The leaves are deciduous, lanceolate, semi-amplexicaul, acute and bloom on an axillary, short, few-flowered inflorescence with boat-shaped, papery floral bracts. The plant thrives in full sun and is fragrant, with long-lasting flowers occurring in the fall through spring, mostly in late winter and early spring.

To care for this plant, reduce watering from fall until mid-winter, but ensure that the plant does not become too dry. In late winter, provide only mistings until new growth arises in the spring. Fertilizer may be curtailed or greatly reduced through the same period.


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