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US Plants Import permit

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Importing Plants from Thailand to the US (Over 12 Plants)

This guide details the process for obtaining a USDA plant import permit when bringing more than 12 plants from Thailand to the US.

USDA ePermits System

  1. Create an ePermits Account:
    • Visit
    • Click “Create Account”
    • Follow the prompts to set up your account with email address, password, and identity verification.

Plant Import Permit Application

  1. Log in to ePermits:
  2. Select Application:
    • Choose “PPQ 587 Application for Permit to Import Plants or Plant Products”

Information Needed from Exporter

  • After payment, the exporter will need to provide:
    • The import permits you obtained
    • Labels for each box of plants (refer to USDA APHIS for details on Green and Yellow (PPQ 508) Labels)

Additional Information

Important Note:

  • Always check import restrictions for specific plant species before attempting to import them.
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