Plastic pad for mounting orchids 5 PCS

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Plastic pad for mounting orchids

Size 7″x3″

Quantity per 1 unit: 5 PCS

Please note order the plastic pads separately due to weight restrictions, and do not order more than 5 units (25 PCS) at a time. or if you wish to buy in bulk, please contact us to calculate the appropriate shipping cost.

Our black plastic grid is an excellent choice for mounting your orchids, ferns, air plants, bromeliads, and more. This grid is lightweight yet incredibly sturdy and UV-resistant. Unlike cork or wood slabs, it won’t grow mold, algae, rot, or decay, ensuring long-lasting use.

Measuring 3 inches in width, 7 inches in length, and 0.25 inches in thickness, If you need to mount miniature orchids or other small plants, you can easily cut the grid into two 3-inch lengths. To ensure a secure mount, we recommend using a thin layer of sphagnum moss or sheet moss as a base and fastening the plant with a cable zip tie through the holes in the grid.

Over time, the roots will grow into the grid and become solidly attached. To hang your mount, simply attach an S-hook or coated wire (not provided) into one of the pre-drilled holes on the top and bottom. Enjoy the convenience and reliability of our plastic grid for all your plant mounting needs!


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