Ludisia discolor

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Ludisia discolor 

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Ludisia discolor Leaf
Ludisia discolor Leaf


Ludisia discolor: The Jewel Orchid

Ludisia discolor, commonly known as the jewel orchid, is a captivating plant prized for its stunning foliage and delicate flowers. It’s a popular choice for houseplant enthusiasts due to its relatively easy-care requirements and unique aesthetic.

Ludisia discolor Origin and Description:

  • Native to Southeast Asia, including Southern China, Northeast India, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Myanmar.
  • Grows naturally in shady, humid environments with rocky substrates along streams.
  • Classified as a terrestrial orchid, meaning it grows in soil rather than on trees.
  • Possesses distinctive velvety leaves with a metallic sheen, earning its nickname “jewel orchid.”
  • Leaves vary in color depending on the variety, ranging from deep green to rich burgundy with contrasting silver veins.
  • Produces small, white or pink flowers with a subtle fragrance, typically in the summer months.

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