Hoya glabra


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Hoya glabra

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Hoya glabra boasts captivating foliage displayed on lengthy twining vines. Its immense leaves, reaching dimensions of 15cm x 9cm, are a deep shade of green, possessing a sleek and lustrous surface adorned with pointed tips and distinct triple veins. The plant produces exquisite glossy flowers, tinted cream, slightly reflexed, and spanning up to 12mm in diameter. These blooms showcase a delicate pale purple/pink corona and are arranged in clusters of up to 30 per umbel. Emitting a gentle and sweet fragrance, the flowers grace the surroundings for only a single day.

For optimal growth, Hoya glabra thrives under bright and warm conditions, coupled with ample humidity. Regular misting is appreciated, and it flourishes in a well-drained, open mix. During the winter months, it’s advisable to reduce watering.