Epidendrum Hybrid 1″Pot


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Epidendrum Hybrid

Quantity: 1 plant

Size: Near Small size Pot size 1″ already blooming

Color: Orange Pink Dark Pink Bright White Yellow*out of stock

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Sample of plant Near blooming size pot 1 " 
Sample of plant Near blooming size pot 1 “


Delight in the marvels of nature with us
Epidendrum Hybrid collection, a captivating fusion of two distinct meristem clones. The beauty of these hybrids lies in their continuous flowering prowess. Over the span of 2 to 3 months, Epidendrums gracefully adorn themselves with a flourish of flower buds, orchestrating a mesmerizing dance between old and new blooms.

Presented in 1″ pots, these plants are generously sized, boasting 3 to 5 elegant flower spikes per individual. Choose between a palette of resplendent yellow/orange or red/orange hues, embracing the warmth and vibrancy they offer.

Carefully Cultivated Environment:

Temperature: A perfect balance of intermediate-warm conditions nurtures these hybrids, ensuring their vitality and growth.

Light Level: Flourishing under a gentle low to medium light, Epidendrum Hybrids emanate their charm, adapting gracefully to varying illumination.

Bloom Season: The bloom season is a symphony of variability, offering a delightful surprise as Epidendrum Hybrids grace us with their colorful blossoms.

Color Spectrum: Pink orange, red, and yellow. white

Fragrance: While these blooms enchant the senses visually, their allure remains non-fragrant, allowing for appreciation without aroma

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 15 × 17 × 9 cm

Orange, Pink Dark, Pink Bright, White, Yellow, Red