Dendrobium smilliae alba


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Dendrobium smilliae alba

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Dendrobium smilliae is a type of orchid that can be found in Queensland, Australia, as well as Papua and New Guinea. It grows on the limbs and trunks of trees, as well as in crooks where leaves have accumulated to form soil, and on rocks in lowland open forests near the edge of rainforests. This orchid is considered large in size and thrives in hot to warm climates. Its stems are slender and leafy throughout, with age they become sulcate and enveloped by thin, scarious sheaths. The plant’s leaves are oblong or lanceolate, very thin, twisted or curved, and acute. In the winter and spring, it blooms on an erect, densely many-flowered raceme that arises from near the apex of the leafless cane. The flowers are stiff, thick, waxy, and fleshy, with a tubular shape and are held in a ball. The orchid usually grows at elevations under 600 meters.

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