Dendrobium sakura hime


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Dendrobium Sakura hime

Dendrobium Sakura Hime Orchid

Quantity: 1 Plant
Size: Blooming state, pot size 1″-2″ compact

Key Features:

  • Fragrance: Yes
  • Flower Size: 5 cm
  • Flower Colour: White/Pink
  • Conditions: Intermediate to warm
  • Plant Size: Matured
  • Pot Size: 7 cm
  • Potting Media: Pine bark
  • Availability: With Flowers

Dendrobium sakura hime Dendrobium sakura

Dendrobium Sakura hime Plant Detail:

Discover the captivating Dendrobium Sakura Hime, a delightful miniature nobile-type orchid hybrid. These charming blooms are a result of a cross between Dendrobium Cassiope and Dendrobium nobile. Notably, these miniatures boast both fragrance and vibrant colors.

Ideal for orchid enthusiasts, Dendrobium Sakura Hime thrives in a range of conditions from warmth to intermediate. Its matured plant size and manageable 7 cm pot make it a wonderful addition to any orchid collection.

These miniatures have been cultivated with care to ensure they flourish effortlessly, even under Phalaenopsis conditions. They’re equally comfortable in intermediate to cool environments. Each blossom showcases a unique charm, featuring an apple green throat complemented by a striking pink border.

Please refer to the accompanying plant pictures for size reference. Keep in mind that the colors, patterns, and sizes of the flowers may vary due to the influences of hybrids or species. While we strive to depict the true colors of the flowers, monitor settings may result in slight variations in the photographs.

Growing Tips for Dendrobium Sakura hime

For detailed care instructions, please refer to our comprehensive Dendrobium Care Guide. We want to ensure your Dendrobium Sakura Hime thrives and brings lasting beauty to your orchid collection.

Note: During shipping, there is a possibility that buds or flowers could experience some drying. This can be influenced by local climatic conditions and nutritional factors. Rest assured; we take utmost care in packing to minimize any potential impact.


Flower Photo Credit 春石斛 春詩 | Taken Date: 2012:04:04 20:17:13 Make: NIKON CORPORA… | Flickr

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