Dendrobium eriiflorum


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Dendrobium eriiflorum

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Dendrobium eriiflorum orchid information. 

Dendrobium eriiflorum is a lovely orchid that comes from the Himalayas and Southeast Asia. This little beauty likes to hang out on trees in its natural home—it’s what we call an epiphyte. Its stems are slim and kind of juicy, and it sports these long, pointy leaves. When it blooms, you’ll see these dainty, small flowers bunched together. They’re often white or yellow with some purple markings and show up on these long, curvy stems during late summer and fall.

Dendrobium eriiflorum is a good challenge

Dendrobium eriiflorum is a good challenge for you’re new to orchids, this one might be your pal! It’s not too hard to take care of. Just give it a cozy environment—think warm to cool and not too dry. During its active growing time, water it often enough but let the soil have a breather in between. When winter rolls around and the plant takes a break, ease up on watering a bit.



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