Dendrobium draconis (BS)


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Dendrobium draconis

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Plant Information: Dendrobium draconis is a small to medium-sized, epiphytic orchid that grows in a wide range of regions, including Assam India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. It thrives in warm to cool conditions and can be found at elevations of 700 to 2000 meters. The plant has tufted, slightly fusiform or clavate stems that are 8 to 9 noded, with sheaths covered in black hairs. Its leaves are rather leathery, ligulate or lanceolate, dark green, and acute or obliquely bilobed. D. draconis blooms in early spring, producing apical or axillary, very short, 2 to 5 flowered racemes with waxy, long-lived, fragrant flowers that smell of Tangerine. These flowers arise from nodes near the apex on older canes. It is often referred to as the most common Dendrobium in the world.


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