Bulbophyllum muscarirubrum


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Bulbophyllum muscarirubrum

Quantity: 1 plant at blooming size, About 5-6 bulbs. We will bare-root the plant and pack it with sphagnum moss to ensure the health of the bulbs

Bulbophyllum  muscarirubrum

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Information about Bulbophyllum muscarirubrum

  • Common name: Red Spider Orchid
  • Scientific name: Bulbophyllum muscarirubrum
  • Family: Orchidaceae
  • Origin: Southeast Asia
  • Height: 6-8 inches (15-20 cm)
  • Blooming season: Spring
  • Flowers: Small, red, clustered flowers
  • Care: Grows best in bright, indirect light and moist, well-draining soil. Fertilize monthly during the growing season.

The Bulbophyllum muscarirubrum is a small, epiphytic orchid that is native to Southeast Asia. It has short stems and clustered, red flowers. The flowers are small, but they are very fragrant. This orchid is easy to care for and makes a great addition to any orchid collection.

Here are some tips for caring for Bulbophyllum muscarirubrum:

  • Grow it in bright, indirect light.
  • Water it regularly, keeping the soil moist but not soggy.
  • Fertilize it monthly during the growing season with a balanced orchid fertilizer.
  • Mist it regularly to increase humidity.
  • Repot it every 2-3 years in a pot that is one size larger.

With proper care, Bulbophyllum muscarirubrum will bloom for several weeks in the spring.


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