Alocasia cuprea ‘Red Secret’


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Alocasia cuprea ‘Red Secret’

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Alocasia cuprea ‘Red Secret’ is a stunning and unique tropical houseplant that is sure to add a touch of luxury to any space. This plant is known for its large, glossy, copper-colored leaves that have a metallic sheen. The leaves of Alocasia cuprea ‘Red Secret’ have a red under-leaf and a dark green top leaf.

Alocasia cuprea ‘Red Secret’ is a compact plant, typically reaching a height of 12-18 inches. It is a slow grower, but it is relatively easy to care for. This plant prefers bright, indirect sunlight and moist, well-draining soil. It is important to avoid overwatering or letting the soil dry out completely.

Alocasia cuprea ‘Red Secret’ is a beautiful and eye-catching plant that is sure to be a conversation starter in any home. It is also a relatively low-maintenance plant, making it a great choice for busy people.

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