Neofinetia falcata


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Neofinetia falcata – Japanese Wind Orchid
(Vanda falcata)

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Size: Small-Medium size , 1” pot size

Neofinetia falcata, also known as the “Japanese Wind Orchid,” a captivating and highly esteemed orchid species deeply rooted in Japanese culture and history. This exquisite orchid, renowned for its elegant appearance and delightful fragrance, is a prized possession among orchid enthusiasts and collectors around the world.

Neofinetia Care Guide:

  • Light: Prefers moderate to low light (1500-2500 foot-candles). Keep 8″ (20 cm) from fluorescent lights or 4′ (1.2 m) from high-intensity lamps. Suitable for windowsills facing north, east, south, or west. Can be grown outdoors with filtered sunlight in summer.
  • Temperature: Tolerates a wide range (110-33 degrees F). Avoid freezing temperatures, especially in winter.
  • Humidity: Maintain humidity above 40%. Use humidity trays or a humidifier on dry windowsills.
  • Water & Fertilizer: Water with clean rainwater or spring water. Allow drying between watering. Fertilize with a balanced, urea-free fertilizer. Add calcium and magnesium if using rain or reverse osmosis water.
  • Flowering: Blooms once a year (spring to fall). Inflorescence may have 3-9 fragrant flowers.
  • Repotting: Repot annually in spring or early summer if using moss. Any pot type is acceptable, as long as it dries out in 1-4 days. Traditionally grown in sphagnum moss, but other media can be successful.


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