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  • Dendrobium fuscifaucium

    Dendrobium fuscifaucium

    I only have a little information about this species because it is a newly discovered species in 2022. Dendrobium fuscifaucium is a recently discovered orchid species native to Southeast Asia, specifically Laos. It’s a truly captivating addition to any orchid collection, especially for those who love miniature and compact plants. Dendrobium fuscifaucium is a relatively…

  • Summer Orchid Highlight

    Summer Orchid Highlight

    Dendrobium parishii var. semi-alba ‘Red Wine’ This summer, add a touch of elegance to your collection with the Dendrobium parishii var. semi-alba ‘Red Wine’ orchid. Unlike its white flowered cousins, this rare variety boasts a captivating “red wine” colored lip, making it a true standout. Enjoy its delightful fragrance, reminiscent of raspberries and cream, as…

  • How to Care for Orchids Indoors

    How to Care for Orchids Indoors

    Taking care of indoor orchids means paying close attention to their needs and understanding what they require. Here’s a helpful guide to ensure your indoor orchids stay healthy and happy in your house. 1.Light for Orchid Light: When it comes to lighting for orchids, they usually like bright, indirect sunlight. That means you should put…