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7 plants

I purchased 7 plants and I wasn’t sure if they would survive the journey but the prices and selection were too good to not try. I received the plants yesterday in outstanding condition! I was so impressed with the quality. All 7 had healthy green leaves and healthy strong roots. They were packaged carefully and labeled. This package was better quality than things I’ve ordered in the US. I’m very pleased and will definitely give this store my business again. There was also good communication and the extra week wait compared to local was not bad at all. Thank you!!

Nice orchids and quick shipping

Good experience for purchasing orchids from this seller!

Wonderful seller

Very nice orchids and arrived earlier than I expected, good communication. A very reliable seller!

It’s better if I say nothing

Platycerium wandae
Phillip Soto

Very happy with the staghorn and customer service. Definitely recommend shopping here.

Dendrobium orchid plants

I have ordered dendrobium orchid plants three times recently. I had hesitation to put an order at the first time because it was an international shipping. So I just ordered two orchids for try. I was surprised when I got the package because it was delivered so quickly (only ten days for international shipping), and orchids were in very good condition! Then I put an order second order, third order. Definitely I will order more rare orchids from you later and will recommend your business to my friends. Thank you very much!

orchid purchase

All plants were perfectly packed and arrived in wonderful condition. One month later, all are thriving with new growth. I would definitely purchase again from this company!

All perfectly beautiful! Thank you

Big for "small size"

This is very nice size plant, and has already put out an inflorescence. Beautiful and healthy. Very pleased.

Dendrobium sutepense
Carmen Flores

Ot arrived on time and in good condition.

Dendrobium chittimae
Carmen Flores
All of them

Arrived in good shape and in a prompt. One was with beautiful flowers.

Rhy celeste bue review

It arrived OK, but it has yellow sleeve thst may loose soon. Otherwise fine..

It arrived in condition and looks nice.

Dendrobium peguanum
nancy anne rowe
An irresistible miniature.

Beautiful, healthy plants are in full bloom right now. These make perfect, tiny flowers in a mass. The flowers are very fragrant. Highly recommended!

Dendrobium senile
nancy anne rowe
This is a beauty

I received a nice healthy plant. The furry fuzzy pseudobulbs are irresistible.

Eria obesa
nancy anne rowe
A wonderful miniature

This is a truly delightful little miniature. I find it very easy to grow in south Louisiana, USA. The two I received from siborchid were dormant, and now in bud. They are fat and healthy, and I am pleased with them.

Great price and good quality plants.

I’m in FL. I ordered a few orchid from this vendor and the quality of the orchid are amazing ever green and healthy looking plants.

Rhynchostylis gigantea
Carmen Flores
Rhy. Gigantea

Beautiful Vanda and looks nice.

Dendrobium findlayanum
Carmen Flores
Beautiful Orchids

It arrived in a very good time and in a good shape. I thought that almost the mayority were blooming, size but I found like 5 that seems to be small. It will be good that all of them should have a photo that show how it looks. Thks.

Ludisia discolor
D. Chanley
Never got the , problems with paperwork

Very disappointed

Hi, I already Replace Your order you will receives in a Fews day.

Eria ornata
Eric Seyfried
Great communication, great plants

Very happy with my 3 orders. Top quality orchid vendor!

Healthy plant

Received a very healthy plant that is acclimating well to its new home. Thanks!

Happy healthy plant

Very happy with this purchase. I received a very healthy and robust well grown plant. No damage despite traveling halfway around the world! Can't wait to see it bloom. Thanks!

I ordered 2 plant of Schoen fragrans delivered nice

I had ordered 11 orchids and received beautiful 14 day delivery recommend. I will order again soon.

Thanks for healthy porpax.

Recommend!! I had ordered 11 orchids and received beautiful 14 day delivery recommend. I will order again soon.

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